About Us

About Us


Here are the top reasons why you should choose Rome Group Tours if you want to experience the beautiful city of Rome:


A Track Record of Excellence

With many years of experience in tour operations, we can boldly call ourselves experts in this field. Since inception, we have constantly provided the most exclusive and engaging tour experiences for all our customers.


Customer Satisfaction

At Rome Group Tours, we understand that our customers are the most important aspect of our business. Therefore, we stop at nothing to offer them the best experience regardless of their age or background.


As experts in tourism, we have been able to tailor our tours towards your specific interests. So, whether you choose a personal tour, a panoramic view of the city, or a closer look at some of the amazing art and architecture of Rome, you are assured of an unforgettable experience.


Family-friendly Tours

Since we understand that most tourists don’t come alone, we have a special consideration for the needs of families traveling with children. 


We provide child-friendly guides who will help to entertain your kids during our family-oriented tours using visual aids and other child-friendly materials. As you’d know, it is always fun to share such an experience with your family.


Your Safety is Guaranteed

You’re in safe hands with Rome Group Tours. We are an enthusiastic, passionate and fully dedicated licensed guides whose goal is to ensure that your stay in Rome is secured and free from any hassles.


Professional English-speaking Guides

We have licensed, well trained and professional English-speaking guides who will ensure that you have the best experience ever while overcoming any language barrier.


The Best Licensed Tour Guides

We use the best guides who are also licensed and 100% legit. Our professional tour guides will explain everything you wish to know about the beautiful city of Rome. Why not choose an expert tour guide that knows everything about the city and will keep you engaged with interesting history lessons.


You will definitely learn about something you will remember for the rest of your life. This is one of the main reasons Rome Group Tours is regarded as one of the best.


Private, Semi-private and Small Group Tours 

We also offer both private and small group tours to cater to different interests. Our private tours allow you to tour at your own pace if you’re with your family and kids or a group of friends. But in our small group tours, you will be in a friendly group in which everyone will be fully involved.


With a maximum of 13 people, our semi-private tours are meant for visitors who want to go beyond the basic option without using the private tour. In this option, you will be in a small group of like-minded travelers who also want to explore Rome.


Low Price Guarantee

Apart from offering the lowest prices you could ever think of, you pay no extra charges for any of our services. The prices will also cover for your reservations fees and tickets.  


Free Cancellation

Customers are free to cancel their trips at any time due to any unforeseen circumstances without extra charges. Just make sure you inform us of any change of plans (at least 24 hours) in advance.


Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

With the introduction of dynamic pricing, we offer a range affordable prices that will differ based on different seasons, times of day and number of people being booked.

Rome Group Tours also offers a range of special discounts all year round to all its esteemed customers.


Other Exciting Attractions and Benefits 

Besides being a licensed professional tour guide, we will also show you more than just the main attractions during your trip but expose you to other exciting features and packages like the local meals, festivities e.t.c.


What are you waiting for? Choose Rome Group Tours if you want to explore the eternal city of Rome and make your stay more enjoyable while you save time and money. At Rome Group Tours, we want to make sure you experience the most unique journey ever!


Despite our diverse backgrounds, we all have one thing in common: we love all things Rome. Nothing compares to exploring Rome on foot. Each time you step on these ancient cobblestone streets, you discover something fascinating. With Ancient Rome surrounding you wherever you go, it’s easy to get immersed in the culture and history of Rome. Monuments and museums are on every street, but there’s also plenty to experience outside of the main attractions. Because we live and work in Rome, we can help you discover the best places to see, eat and stay in Rome.

We believe that Rome tours should be fun as well as informative. All of our guides are officially licensed by the province of Rome, have years of study under their belt and most importantly, they all have a great sense of humor!

You can read more about our guides here.

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