5 Rome Tips: Our Best Rome Travel Tips For A Great Vacation

Planning a trip to Rome? Make the most out of your vacation and do your research before you leave. We’ve been living and working in Rome for over 10 years and all of tour guides are local too. Here are our 10 best tips about traveling in Rome to make your next trip the most exciting vacation of your life!

1) Wear Comfortable Shoes

OK, OK – we know this doesn’t sound exciting but it’s an absolute must. Rome is incredibly busy throughout the year and sometimes it’s quicker to walk somewhere than wait on public transport. A good pair of comfortable shoes will make it easier to spend most of the day walking – browsing the stylish boutiques, wandering from cafe to cafe or enjoying the amazing relics to Ancient Rome in person. You don’t want to waste a magical trip to the Eternal City being distracted by sore feet!

2) Carry a Water Bottle & Fill Up at Nasoni

The Ancient Romans were famous for (among other things) bringing clean water supplies to housing, public baths and fountains via intricate engineering feats and aqueducts. The nasoni keep this tradition alive and kicking throughout Rome – you’ll find these striking drinking fountains from the 1800s providing clean drinking water for modern citizens all over the city. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and keep hydrated through the sweltering Rome heat at no extra cost.

Fun Fact: Nasoni is a play on the Italian word for nose – so prepare to get your fresh water from these ‘Large Noses’!

3) The Best Season To Visit Rome is The Shoulder Season

OK, we’re bias, we think Rome is beautiful 365 days a year! For visitors, things can be a little overcrowded and overheated in the summer months. Well, Rome is absolutely packed with visitors from the end of May, June, July, August and the beginning of September. Add to this the exhausting heat that settles in the city for these months and you’ve got a potent combination. The best time to visit Rome is the end of March/beginning of April (avoid Easter while you’re booking this) or the last week of September/month of October. This way, you get to enjoy Rome’s undeniable charm without the hassle of thousands of other visitors or the excessive heat.

4) Use Public Transit The Right Way

Rome’s public transport situation isn’t too bad (but isn’t too great either!). If you’re traveling by bus, make sure to stock up on tickets before you get on the bus (at news stands, corner shops and bus stops) as you can’t actually buy them on the bus. Keep in mind that rush hour can bring the city to a standstill – including the buses. Sometimes it’s quicker to jump off the bus and walk to another bus stop or finish your journey on foot.

5) See The Best Parts Of The City With A Tour Guide

Visiting Rome can feel daunting – choosing what to see, what to skip and what to do can feel like a monumental task. By securing a place on a guided tour of Rome, you get a greater insight into the city, it’s history and it’s previous inhabitants. Rome Group Tours always includes skip-the-line tickets to the most popular attractions in all of our tours – meaning you can see the best of Rome without the wait.